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Posters & Case Reports

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  1. EWMA 2013 - Treatment of a venous ulcer using an enzyme alginogel® in combination with short-stretch bandage compression

  2. EWMA 2013 - Treatment of a pressure wound with an enzyme alginogel®

  3. EWMA 2013 - Treatment of infected ischaemic diabetic foor ulcers with an enzyme alginogel®

  4. EWMA 2013 - Enzyme alginogel® treatment of surgical wound dehiscence after vulvectomy and bilateral lymphadenectomy

  5. ASTRO 2012 - A Clinical Study Comparing a Hydroactive Colloid Gel with a Dexpanthenol Cream for the Treatment of Skin Reactions in Breast Irradiation

  6. EWMA 2012 - A dog bite, an uncommon wound in an oncology centre treated with an enzyme Alginogel®

  7. EWMA 2012 - Enzyme Alginogel® treatment of category 4 pressure sores on the right foot of a paraplegic

  8. EWMA 2012 - Positive influence of an enzyme Alginogel® on preparing a wound for a surgical flap procedure

  9. EWMA 2012 - Treatment of partial thickness burns with an enzyme Alginogel®

  10. EWMA 2012 - Treatment of postoperative wound infection in combination with edema with an enzyme Alginogel®

  11. EWMA 2011 - An enzyme alginogel supports the healing of a deep skin tear category 2

  12. EWMA 2011 - Combination of negative pressure therapy and an enzyme alginogel in the treatment of a pilonidal cyst

  13. EWMA 2011 - Enzyme alginogel a non toxic approach to wound bioburden and biofilm

  14. EWMA 2011 - Enzyme alginogel treatment of a series of wounds with uncovered tendons at the back of the hand to a dialysis patient

  15. EWMA 2011 - Interdisciplinary treatment of a female patient with an oncology wound using an enzyme alginogel

  16. EWMA 2011 - The use of an enzyme alginogel in homecare setting

  17. EWMA 2011 - Treatment of a pressure sore to a neonate at the back of the head and neck using an enzyme alginogel

  18. EWMA 2011 - Treatment of a surgical wound after mastectomy using an enzyme alginogel

  19. EWMA 2011 - Treatment of four rare and difficult wounds requiring exceptional wound bed preparation

  20. EWMA 2011 - Treatment of venous ulcers (ulcus cruris venosum) with an enzyme alginogel

Articles | Posters & Case Reports | Presentations | News
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