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De Smet K., Van den Plas D., Van Hoomissen C., Jansens H., Sollie P. (2006)

Study of the environmental effect of a commercial wound cleanser used with different mechanical forces.
J Hosp Infect 64: 264-270.

Important improvements have been made in wound care over the last decade. However, few data are available on the influence that these have outside their intended use. This study aimed to clarify the effects of the use of wound cleansers on bacterial contamination of the immediate surroundings.

Little evidence was found from either laboratory or clinical settings that wound-derived micro-organisms become airborne during wound cleansing. Bacterial dispersion around wounds may be attributed to general activity rather than wound cleansing. If simple precautions are taken, risks for personnel and patients in hospitals and consultation rooms during wound cleansing can be minimized.

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