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Beele, Durante, Kerihuel, Rice, Rondas, Stryja, White (2012)

Expert consensus on a new enzyme alginogel
WOUNDS International 2012; 3(2):42-50

Flaminal® (Flen Pharma) products are alginate gels containing a novel antimicrobial enzyme system. They are designed to promote wound healing and to restore bacterial balance and their use on a wide range of wound types is supported by scientific and clinical evidence (De la Brassinne et al, 2006; Vandenbulcke et al, 2006; De Smet et al, 2009; Durante, 2012). Extensive clinical usage and trialling in Europe and Australia have provided an evidence base and a list of clinicians with an understanding of the clinical performance of Flaminal products.

This expert panel reported that Flaminal products should be classified as 'enzyme alginogels' and identified four key functions — continuous wound debridement; antimicrobial activity; maintenance of a moist wound healing environment; and protection of wound edges and epithelial cells. These enzyme alginogels are compatible with the TIME framework, as demonstrated in the case histories. For example, like honey they are one of the few materials said to have a number of modes of action (White, 2005), however, unlike honey they do not sting when applied to wounds (Ingle et al, 2006). Furthermore, Flaminal's triple mode of action avoids the need for multiple products, for example, it has the capability to absorb excess exudate whilst remaining in a gelled state, promote debridement and control bioburden.

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