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New evidence by Flen Pharma: All T.I.M.E. requirements in 1 single product.


Following the T.I.M.E. concept, modern wound therapy is based on four principles:

T.: Tissue management

I.: Inflammation and infection control

M.: Moisture balance

E.: Epithelial (edge) advancement

By vigorously respecting the T.I.M.E. requirements during the wound management process, the healing process is positively influenced. As a consequence it is often seen in clinical practice that a combination of different products is used.

Breaking News:

New evidence on how to meet the 4 T.I.M.E. requirements by the use of 1 product: Read more.

Flen Pharma would like to thank you for your daily commitment in wound care and will be pleased to communicate more at due time.

Articles | Posters & Case Reports | Presentations | News
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