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How to use Flaminal® Forte
Applying or renewing Flaminal® Forte on a wound is easy and painless.
Proceed as follows:

  1. First clean and rinse the wound (e.g. with Flamirins®)
  2. Dab and dry carefully
  3. Cover the entire wound-bed with Flaminal® Forte.
  4. Cover Flaminal® Forte with a dressing. The choice of dressing should be based on the type of lesion:
    • Moderately exuding wound: transparent film (polyurethane) or paraffin gauze fixed by a non-adhesive bandage
    • Heavily exuding: non-woven gauze fixed by a non-adhesive bandage or by a hypoallergenic, adhesive tape
    • Very heavily exuding: absorbent non-adherent compress fixed by a non-adhesive bandage or a hypoallergenic, adhesive tape
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